Run your airport with EASE.

A data-integration platform for real-time operational responses. Collect key data insights, predict customer behavior, and direct confidently.

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Screenshots of the EASE interface

Meet your data where it is.

Whether you're managing sales data in a spreadsheet or receiving power-outage emails, EASE becomes your Data Warehouse, automatically pulling data into a single view of comprehensive tiles.

Alerts Feature
AlertsReceive active alerts based on configurable thresholds.
Flights Feature
FlightsView arrivals, departures, and a flight summary for all flights.
Security Feature
SecurityView real-time wait data, trends and receive active alerts.
Weather Feature
WeatherView current weather conditions and FAA delay information.
Scans Feature
ScansView boarding-pass scans, passenger demographics, and capacity data.
Parking Feature
ParkingView real-time parking data and trends.
Traffic Feature
TrafficView traffic conditions, reported disruptions, and recieve real-time alerts.
Facility Feature
FacilityView facility conditions (i.e. power outages) and recieve real-time alerts.
Airfield Feature
AirfieldView Notice to Air Missions data from the FAA and airside operations team.
Sales Feature
SalesView sales data (concessions, parking, etc.) and any cargo revenue.
Custom Feature
CustomBuild a custom tile to visualize data specific to your environment.

View data that is relevant to you.

No matter your role, EASE is for you. Customize your layout to show the information you want to see, and how you want to see it.

Screenshot of tile customization in EASE
Screenshot of a customized layout in EASE

Improve insights through Reports.

Run reports and compare different data sets to view trends over a configurable range of time.

Screenshot of a Report in EASE

EASE is a robust platform to solve operations problems before they become problems.

  • Better experience for travelers

    Understand your airport operations pain points for your customers and take action to improve their experience.

  • Greater awareness and control

    Monitor your real-time airport operations data all in one place and recieve active alerts based on configurable thresholds.

  • Higher adaptability for changes

    With a higher visibility into your airport operations, you can become proactive to continual changes.

  • Greater cost efficiencies

    Assess your operations performance and activity to see opportunity for cost efficiency improvement.

Built by a team of industry experts.

Combining 30+ years of experience working in the aviation industry and building digital products.

Stephen Saunders

Stephen Saunders

Managing Director

Stephen is an award-winning aviation leader and innovator. Stephen helped lead the internationally recognized airport innovation team at CVG Airport during his 11-year tenure. Stephen was one of the original creators of EASE, and in his role as Managing Director leads business development and strategy.

Drew Barontini

Drew Barontini

Product Director

Drew is a product innovator and strategist with a background in design and software engineering. He has led high-performing teams and built digital products for more than 15 years. He helped create the first version of EASE, and now leads product strategy and development.

Backed by an experienced team of designers, developers, and strategists.

While our team is distributed all over the country, we are always aligned on delivering the highest-quality product to our customers.

We're here for you.

EASE is designed to operate as it sounds. As an end user, decision maker, and purchaser of complex software products, I was tired of vendors overpromising and underdelivering — the inevitable haggling on software activation, acceptance, and in some cases, modified customization. Of course, all was usually accompanied by an equally high price and some level of buyer's remorse.

EASE and the team behind it understand what a challenging enterprise an airport can be. We set out to reduce the complexity through visual awareness and only to alert on situational exceptions. Reduce the number of peripheral monitors. Reduce the staff inefficiencies in responding to emergent issues in the blind. Reduce the anxiety-inducing chaos associated with the unknown knowns.

We can do better, and we can do it better with EASE.

Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Image of Brian Cobb
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Become an EASE Innovation Partner

EASE is shaped and improved by the collective knowledge and growth across all Partner Airports while also providing the ability to view custom data-sets that match your airport’s specific needs.

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